why us
We provide quality products and premium services at low cost to retailers and wholesalers crossing the continents of Asia, Oceania,
Europe, North America and South America.
Audit, Price, Quality, Customer services, Capacity, Delivery, Development
Qualified Audit
Audits approved (SGS, BSCI, Alibaba), Tell us what audit you need!
Competitive Price
Avg 2-8% lower than our competitors for the same quality products.
Outstanding Quality
99% PSI pass rate
Excellent Customer Services
Quick Reply, Always have solution for you!
Large Capacity
As right now, we can produce 5 mil pcs each year.
Fast Delivery
Avg 45 Days after PO, we make sure to deliver your orders on-time safely.
Product Development
Tell us how you want your hat to be. We will do the rest.
Our Global Partners